Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Where can I find the reading order for your books?
A:  On the menu bar, click on Bookshelf, Printable Booklist.
Q:  What happened to Crashing the Boards?
A:  I integrated Crashing the Boards into Crashing the Net.
Q:  Why has the numbering on your Game On in Seattle series changed?
A:  I’m in the process of renumbering and reordering everything in preparation for separating the three sports into three series. Juggling the sometimes parallel timelines and keeping track of three teams within one series was becoming problematic. I’ll be focusing this year on my Sockeyes series and building those books.
Q:  Will you be writing any more Lumberjacks books?
A:  My Lumberjacks books are with a publisher, and I have one more year before I start getting the rights back. Once that happens, I’ll integrate them into my Steelheads football series and am excited to write additional books.