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Movie Adaptation of Shutout Available on July 27

It’s coming!!! I have a date for the movie adaptation of Shutout, which will be titled Breaking the Ice. Reelshort is trying to get me a copy of the entire thing so I have a viewing party.

Coming Soon: Jul 27 12:00 AM

Your ex returns…Will you tell him the kid is his?

Single mom Caroline dumped her first love Easton Black eight years ago…But she never told him he got her pregnant! Now he’s the hottest hockey star in the league and Caroline’s boss! Suddenly thrown together again, will Caroline tell him the truth, or is it too little too late for their happy ending?

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A Portland Icehawks Hockey Romance

Bang Brothers Hockey #2

⭐”Jakob and Gardenia’s story was absolutely riveting, I didn’t want to put it down. Between their sexual tension and their crazy hot chemistry? I. Was. Hooked.”–Rina’s Read

⭐”I’ll take all the grumpy single Dads with the sunshine nanny all day, every day. Heartfelt, sweet and romantic.–Trish Late Knight Luna Reads

⭐”A definite must-read that is addictive and easy to get lost in.”–Kelchickbooklover

⭐”I loved everything about this book, I swooned, I smiled and I giggles a lot throughout this read.” Jackie at Thelma and Louise Book Blog

⭐”Jakob and Gardenia have some amazing chemistry and built a solid friendship that wasn’t about hockey or the boys.”–MNHockeyMomReads

⭐”The world building flowed well, and the strong found family vibe was alive and well in this book. I look forward to the next author’s addition!!”–JenJenBookFan

⭐”Davenport continues her dance of surprising twists and irresistible turns.”–Hopeless Romantic

⭐”Get your waders and read this book to find out if Mama Bang can get her son what he needs most…love.”–Sik Reviews

⭐”I loved this book, it ticked all the boxes for me.”–Erin at Thelma and Louise Book Blog ⭐”Jakob and gardenia are just wow, this was a fantastic addition to this series highly recommended”–Reading with Two Book Lovers

⭐”Another Portland Icehawk book combined with the second Bang Brother book – double the fun!”–Sara, Vine Voice

⭐”A testament to the magic that happens when love, family, and a bit of chaos collide. “–World of Books 65

⭐”I loved this one so much! Mama Bang strikes again and I enjoyed every second of it!”–East Coast Book Chicks

⭐”Another fun, romantic Bang Brothers book that had me smiling and my heart squeezing on more than one occasion.”–Barbara from Goodreads

⭐”What a fabulous story.”–Bobaloupy

⭐”When I love a couple I get nervous about their ending so I look ahead. I only made it 40% until I had to check that they get a HEA.”–AMICHAA ⭐”Highly addictive and super satisfying!”–Thoughts of a Blonde

BIG Announcement!

Shutout and the Seattle Sockeyes are coming to the vertical screen!!!

Finally, the announcement I’ve been dying to make. My Seattle Sockeyes and Shutout are coming to the vertical screen. With the help of my amazing agent Lasheera Lee, I’ve signed a contract with @ReelShortapp for Shutout to be adapted into a vertical movie (as in a movie made for devices rather than televisions). While this adaptation won’t closely follow the actual book, I’m certain Crazy Maple Studios will do the story justice and cannot wait to see it. The release is planned for 3rd quarter 2024.

Show ’em How–Preorder Now

Bang Brothers Hockey #2   (A Portland Icehawks Novel)

Are you ready to get Banged?

Meet the Bang Brothers—five hot hockey-playing brothers who are allergic to commitment.

The brothers are about to face off against their newly-retired mother…who suddenly has plenty of time to play matchmaker. Add in their baby sister and some secret dating, a single dad, an accidental pregnancy, a marriage of convenience, and a wrong bed—or two—and these siblings are not going to know what hit them!

6/11/2024–Lace ’em Up by Elise Faber

6/25/2024–Show ’em How by Jami Davenport

7/9/2024–Hit ’em Hard by Kat Mizera

7/23/2024–Lock ’em Down by Gina Azzi

8/6/2024–Light ’em Up by Kelly Jamieson

8/20/2024–Hook ’em Hard by Cathryn Fox

Penalizing Available Now!!

This book touched me on so many levels, I fell hard and fast for Jason and Addison is the woman I would as a friend, the chemistry is sizzling, the banter is witty but it was the camaraderie this team share that added another level to this read.–Jackie at Thelma and Louise Book Blog

Penalizing brings the burn. Whether it’s the heartache or the hope, Davenport speaks to the soul. From the beautiful to the broken, emotion sneaks up on you and takes up residence in your heart.–Isha at Hopeless Romantic

A heartfelt, flirty and sweet second chance hockey romance that has moved up to my favorite of the series.–Trish at Late Knight Luna Reads

A really fun story and I loved watching these two characters grow up and change and have to make some really tough decisions.--Addicted 2 Romance

Penalizing was an emotional, well written, story that drew me in from the first chapter.–Erin at Thelma and Louise Book Blog

PENALIZING was skillfully written and executed. It was heartfelt and entertaining.–Diane’s Book Blog

LOVED this book! One of the best ones I have read in awhile and couldn’t put down. Definitely add it to your TBR pile!!!–Marea on Goodreads


Interfering Available Now!!!

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐”Beautifully written, this book touches on several of the problems facing today’s society including human trafficking and homelessness. Believable characters, suspense, and a some serious steam! A MUST READ!–Linda from Goodreads
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐”Sweet surrender comes with unimaginable heartache. Interfering is an emotional firestorm. Davenport pulls at the heart while playing the senses.”–Isha at Hopeless Romantic
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐”This book ticked all my boxes, I was captivated from the first page to the last line, I fell hard and fast for Trent and my heart broke for Heidi.”–Jackie–Thelma and Louise Book Blog
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐”A sweet, emotional and swoony romance that squeezed my heart in the best possible way.”–Trish at Late Knight Luna Reads

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Interfering: Portland Icehawks #4

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