Trademark Searching

Thank you to Jaymee Jacobs for walking me through trademark searching. I’ve written this document to assist anyone who would like to do their own searches. I’ve outlined two types of searches:
1. Searching the Official Gazette for trademarks that have been ALLOWED by the USPTO, but they are not yet REGISTERED. All marks must first get published for opposition for 30 days (and a person opposing the trademark can file an extension if needed), before they can be registered.
2. Searching the trademark database for any pending trademarks in the field of fiction and romance.
DISCLAIMER: I’m not an attorney and not well-versed in trademark searches so I can’t guarantee these searches will catch all of the trademarks. I am an IT professional of 30-plus years who once taught classes on Boolean searching so I do have some background.
If you find better searches, let me know, and I’ll add them to the ones already listed.

Trademark Search Instructions in PDF

Trademark Search Instructions in Word