Game On in Seattle Timeline and Reading Order

Hockey Season Seattle Sockeyes Books

(And Newer Football and Baseball Books)

Florida Skating on Thin Ice

Crashing the Boards

1–First Seattle Season Crashing the Boards

Crashing the Net

Love at First Snow

Melting Ice

2 Blindsided (Steelheads)

Hearts on Ice


Bottom of the Ninth (Skookums)

3 Bottom of the Ninth (Skookums)

Game Changer (Steelheads) and Goaltending run concurrently


A Wolfe Brothers Christmas

Penalty Play

4 Shutdown Player

Shot on Goal

5 Deflected



6 Playmaker (happens between seasons)



7 Off-Season (happens between seasons)

Delayed Penalty

Blame it on the Eggnog

Football Season Seattle Steelhead Books

(Includes The Originals, which start 7.5 years before Blindsided)

1 Kickoff
2 &3 Snap Decision
3 Offsides
4 Draw Play

Hot Read

4-5 Comeback Route
8 Pass Play
9 Blindsided
10 Gamechanger
11 Fumble Recovery