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“Jakob and Gardenia’s story was absolutely riveting, I didn’t want to put it down. Between their sexual tension and their crazy hot chemistry? I. Was. Hooked.”–Rina’s Read

“I’ll take all the grumpy single Dads with the sunshine nanny all day, every day. Heartfelt, sweet and romantic.–Trish Late Knight Luna Reads

“A definite must-read that is addictive and easy to get lost in.”–Kelchickbooklover

“I loved everything about this book, I swooned, I smiled and I giggles a lot throughout this read.” Jackie at Thelma and Louise Book Blog

“Jakob and Gardenia have some amazing chemistry and built a solid friendship that wasn’t about hockey or the boys.”–MNHockeyMomReads

“The world building flowed well, and the strong found family vibe was alive and well in this book. I look forward to the next author’s addition!!”–JenJenBookFan

“Davenport continues her dance of surprising twists and irresistible turns.”–Hopeless Romantic
“Get your waders and read this book to find out if Mama Bang can get her son what he needs most…love.”–Sik Reviews

“I loved this book, it ticked all the boxes for me.”–Erin at Thelma and Louise Book Blog

“Jakob and gardenia are just wow, this was a fantastic addition to this series highly recommended”–Reading with Two Book Lovers

“Another Portland Icehawk book combined with the second Bang Brother book – double the fun!”–Sara, Vine Voice

“A testament to the magic that happens when love, family, and a bit of chaos collide. “–World of Books 65

“I loved this one so much! Mama Bang strikes again and I enjoyed every second of it!”–East Coast Book Chicks

“Another fun, romantic Bang Brothers book that had me smiling and my heart squeezing on more than one occasion.”–Barbara from Goodreads

“What a fabulous story.”–Bobaloupy

When I love a couple I get nervous about their ending so I look ahead. I only made it 40% until I had to check that they get a HEA.”–AMICHAA

“Highly addictive and super satisfying!”–Thoughts of a Blonde

“Entertaining, spicy, heartwarming, and fun addictive page turner.”–Wendy’s Book Blog

“Impossible to put down. Jami Davenport’s writing and her characters conquered me at the first page.”–ItaPixie

“Such a fun read filled with angst , humor , witty banter , love , passion, drama , unexpected surprises, ups and downs, heartbreaking and heartfelt moments, family , friendships and so much more.”–Marniortiz1122 from Bookbub

“The story is filled with great heart, love, humor, and spice. Loved it from start to finish and highly recommend.”–Lynn S. from Goodreads

“An all-around incredible romance that tickles your heart and fills it with pure joy.”—Gladys from Goodreads

“You need to read this today.”–Becky W from Goodreads

“The storyline was wonderful, and I couldn’t put it down.”–Irene from Goodreads

“What a fabulous story.”–ClaireHRC from Goodreads

“The warmth flows from the pages and you can feel the conflict in Jakob’s mind between the distrust and lust. Well written, with witty banter, rambunctious hellions, and an interfering mom, what could possibly go wrong!!”–Pauline from Goodreads

“Hockey player/Single dad, unconventional nanny, meddling mother, not ready to commit, and undeniable attraction leading to hot spice.”–Emily on Goodreads

“This book is perfection and a great addition to the Icehawks legacy! I can’t wait for the next installment.”–Angela from Goodreads

“This is an awesome read.”–Cheryl A. from Goodreads

“Jami Davenport is one of my favorite hockey authors and reading Show ‘Em How in the Bang Brothers series of course is fantastic.”–reburger from Bookbub

“Such a great story and I’m excited for the rest of the Bang brothers.”–Shelly from Bookbub

“A fabulous, fun, warm hearted read which held my attention and made me smile. Loved it!”–Alicia from Goodreads

“This was a fun, fast read with just enough banter and chemistry to balance the angst.”–Susan at Goodreads