Delayed Penalty

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Delayed Penalty is a thrilling tale of second chances and determination that targets the heart from the very first page.–Hopeless Romantic

A steamy compelling page turner. I look forward to reading more from this talented author whose work I highly recommend.–Wendy’s Book Blog

Another must-read story is this brilliant series, the chemistry is off the charts and throw in a pinch of suspense, and Jasper and Blaire had me hooked.–World of Books 65

Delayed Penalty was a great story about second chances, communication and not giving up on what you want for your future.–Late Knight Luna Reads

I absolutely adored this book so much.–Addicted 2 Romance

This is a well written second chance at love story, romantic and steamy. It’s about taking a chance, learning to communicate and re kindling love.–Erin at Thelma and Louise Book Blog

I enjoyed this story so much! Don’t miss out on a great book, grab this one asap!–East Coast Book Chicks

Delayed Penalty has all the feels, I swooned, I sighed, I smiled and I held my breath as I joined this couple on their journey. This one this gem, you won’t be disappointed.–Jackie at Thelma and Louise Book Blog

Jami Davenport has a game winner with DELAYED PENALTY–Diane’s Book Blog