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“Davenport plays the strings of the heart with profound results.”–Hopeless Romantic

“The angst and buildup was perfect.”–Late Night Luna Reads

“A heartfelt and entertaining read. The book was skillfully written with endearing characters.”–Diane’s Book Blog

“Grabbed me from the start. And their chemistry was off the charts. They were just so hot together. I definitely loved their story and I definitely need to read the author’s backlist after this.”–Low Key Reader

“This is a beautifully written story which is heartfelt, endearing, entertaining, and with family, witty banter, and love, which all leads to an addictive page turner.”–Wendy’s Book Blog

“I couldn’t put this down.”–Mari Loves Books

“A heart warming sport romance that is more then the run of the mill sport theme romance that delivers a story that will stand the test of time.”–Thoughts by Tash

“You will fall in love with Andy and Kennedy.”–Naughty Nightie

“This story was perfect.”–Read Review Repeat Blog

“An heartfelt and enjoyable read and one I recommend.”–BookNerd1969

“Put a smile on my face from start to finish.”–ItaPixie