Fall 2012 Newsletter

Posted Oct 7 2012, 4:11 pm

Fall 2012 Newsletter

everyone, I hope you’re enjoying the beginning of fall. I have a lot
things on my plate this fall.

New Releases

Forward Passes

2 in Seattle Lumberjacks Football Series

Published by Boroughs Publishing Group


Quarterback Tyler Harris is about to find the woman who can get past
his defensive line and reach his heart.


With two championships in as many years, superstar Tyler Harris is
the best quarterback in the league. Gorgeous and rich, he’s at the
top of his game. But everyone’s looking to take him down. There’s a
building media frenzy around an unfortunate accident, and the only
safe place seems a rundown mansion deep in the San Juans owned by
his late great uncle. There, Tyler gets sacked by the sassy redhead
next door. It’s more alive than he’s felt in years.


Lavender Mead has a good reason to dislike jocks, namely an absentee
father who deserted the family to coach college football. Maybe that
explains her penchant for bad boys who play ball for a living and
break hearts for a hobby. Her new neighbor seems just the type. Yet,
something is different about Tyler, and sometimes love requires a
Hail Mary. You draw back your arm, pray…and give it all up to fate.
And sometimes you win your ring.


Public Displays of Eroticism anthology

Available from Sybarite Seductions


Hail Mary

Meeting Mari Simms for one night of hot sex each year for the past
four years is no longer enough for Wyatt Bedford, a ten-year veteran
of professional football. This time, he plans on telling her he
wants more. While waiting for her in a park, he stumbles upon a
sight that changes his game plan and takes their relationship to
whole new level. Can Wyatt and Mari find love in the final quarter
with the clock ticking?


In  the Open

Once a year, Jaid Angelini takes a break from her demanding career
as a criminal defense attorney for a night of passion with young,
hot pro-football player Alex Greeley. Despite misgivings about their
age difference, Jaid desires a more permanent relationship and
concocts a scheme to brand her name on his heart. After witnessing
an exhibitionist couple in the park, her plan takes a turn toward
the great outdoors. Will Alex and Jaid finally go for the long bomb
or settle for minimum yardage?

Coming Soon

Touchdown 4 Callie

Hooked Up: The Game Plan–October 2012

Anthology from Sybarite Seductions


Callie Lester, a play-it-safe girl for twenty-nine years , decides
to shake up her dull life. She’s never had a one-night stand, and
she wants one before she turns thirty. For a month, she stalks pro
football player Drake Hopkins waiting for the right–or
wrong–moment to put her game plan into motion. When she finds him
alone in a bar, she knows it’s time to be tackled by the hunky
football star and not for a loss but a big gain.

Love at First Snow

A sweet and heart-warming Christmas-themed short story set in Friday
Harbor, Washington, from Boroughs Publishing Group–November 2012


Down by Contact

Seattle Lumberjacks Football Series 3

Boroughs Publishing Group

in Early 2013


twelve years in the league, all Zach Murphy wants is a Super Bowl
ring. He’s been about hard hits not smooth manners, about breaking
quarterbacks not making small talk at cocktail parties. But now he’s
shattered something else. After dumping a tray of drinks on the team
owner’s snooty daughter and accidentally feeling up the Governor’s
wife, his tenure with his team looks perilously short. And things
are getting worse.


is looking up for Kelsie Carrington-Richmond. A onetime beauty
pageant star and mean girl, she only recently stopped living out of
her car. But both those times have passed. Her Finishing School for
Real Men has a real shot, and the Seattle Lumberjacks have hired her
to polish up their roughest player. Except…it’s Zach. Long ago she
broke his heart. He’s just the beast she remembers—gruff,
protective—but she’s nothing like the beauty from his past. Yet,
getting knocked down happens, and getting back up makes a contender.
And they both have the hearts of champions.

Places I’ll be:

October 8-12–Lucy Monroe’s Online Readers’ Retreat


October 9: Cassandra Carr’s blog:


October 14: Dirty Birdies Blog: 


October 26-28: Emerald City Writers Conference

November 10: Book signing at Timberland Regional Library, Lacey, WA

December issue of RWA’s Romance Writer Report: Included in an
article on sports romance

January 1, 2013: Debut of Romancing the Jock blog: A blog written by
romance authors who love sports for female readers who love sports

Blog Tour:


I’ve Been:

Today Blog on Favorite Football Romance Heroes

the Super Librarian Jami Davenport Week

Heroes and Heartbreakers Cover Reveal



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