Publishing with a Small Press–Part 2, Pros and Cons

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First of all, you need to understand some terminology, such as small press, large press, vanity press, and print on demand. In the interests of saving space, I posted this terminology in my Part 1 post at this blog. We’d all love to sell to a large publisher with a huge advance and be on […]



Publishing with a Small Press–Part 1, Definitions

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Hi, there, a few months ago I started a series on publishing with small presses. Well, book deadlines and life in general interrupted my good intentions. I’m reposting the first installment for those of you that missed it. Please post your comments, additions, corrections. This is a collaborative post. Next week, I’ll post Part Two. […]


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Another Step in the Publishing Process

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In my last blog, I mentioned that “Who’s” has a release date. Now I have a ISBN # and an actual book page on Siren’s website. Check it out: Sometime in the future, I’ll have an excerpt or two, and eventually an ebook then a book. I am so enjoying doing all of this […]


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