The Edit Process–Not a Pain but an Opportunity

Posted Sep 14 2011 in , , ,

On an author loop I’m on, Tymber Dalton posted this reply to a new author who was discouraged over her first round of edits. I loved her reply so much that I asked if I could use it on my blog. Well, great minds think alike, and she’d already posted it to her blog. If […]


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I Want to Write That Kind of Book

Posted Apr 11 2010 in , , , ,

As I was doing my final edit on the last 40 pages of Fourth and Goal before submitting it to a publisher, I came to one poignant scene that actually brought tears to my eyes. As I finished the scene and pulled myself together, I thought: Wow, I hope it affects readers as much as […]


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Fingernails on The Blackboard

Posted Feb 23 2008 in , ,

There are two words that writers often use that make me cringe like fingernails on a blackboard: Muse and Polish. “Muse” is just one of those words I don’t like. I’m not really sure why. I only know that there isn’t a little person sitting on my shoulder or in my subconscious that tells me […]


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That Special Manuscript

Posted Jan 28 2008 in ,

Recently, I pulled my first complete manuscript out of mothballs. The last edit date on this MS was March/April of 2003. I wanted to submit it to my publisher, but I knew it needed a lot of editing before I could do that. I finished that edit this afternoon, three weeks and 97,000 words later. […]