I SOLD–Two More Books!!!

Posted Aug 19 2008, 4:16 am in , ,

I sold two more books last week.

My equestrian romance, The Gift Horse, is book two of the Reynolds family saga. If you read Who’s Been Sleeping in My Bed?, you might remember Carson the tight-ass brother. This is his story. Truthfully, my favorite book I’ve written to date. It stars an opinionated Hanoverian mare named Gabbie, who behaves suspiciously like my Hanoverian mare, Gailey. You can read a blurb about that book on my website.

My other book which I sold to Siren is still in the planning stages–more about it later.

I am also planning to work on another book this fall, hopefully, one of my football series books, so stay tuned. I love football and have been writing football related books for years. Now, it appears that there is finally a market for them.

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