I want to be a cat

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We are not cat people. Honest. I mean I like cats (in fact, we’re animal lovers), but a nice barn cat that doesn’t spread cat hair all over your house. Now, my husband is one of those macho guys (a former Army Ranger and SF Weapons Sergeant) that doesn’t like cats at all. At least, he “claims” he didn’t.

A year ago last fall, an orange tabby moved into our barn. Hey, I was fine with that. They’re ruthless mousers, and I’m all for a friendly little barn cat.

So we fed him… And we took him in to get shots and to be fixed.

Problem is that he had greater aspirations. He wanted to be a house cat.

Last winter, my husband injured his back at work and was flat on the couch for a few weeks. Day two on the couch–I came home from work. There was the cat on Dennis’ chest, both of them sound asleep.

One year later….

So much for the barn cat.

If you have cats, you know the rest.

When I die, I want to come back as a cat.

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