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I just had to share, I found three great reviews for my books today.

First of all Molly from Molly’s Musings at She had this to say about “Who’s Been Sleeping in My Bed?”

I LOVED Who’s Been Sleeping in My Bed by Jami Davenport! Go over to Siren Books and pick up your own copy:) I think I’ll pop over to her website and see what else she has published! I loved the family interaction; I loved the climactic scene. She did a fantastic job of weaving all the elements together, AND made me curious enough about the islands to call my sister and see if she’s ever been there.

Today, I received a 5-star review from Just Erotic Romance Reviews for The Dance. See my Review page for more details, but here is a highlight:

I will be adding The Dance to my list of books to be reread several times over. Ms. Davenport just became an author that I will most definitely be adding to my automatic To Be Read Book list. I was amazed at the detail she put into this story. I am giving The Dance five stars for the excitement and perfection that it turned out to be.

And last but not least, Joyfully Reviewed game me 5 stars on Amazon for The Dance.

Wooo whoooo!!!!!!

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