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I just found a five-flag review for Who’s Been Sleeping in My Bed? at Euro-Reviews:

Rich, handsome and sexy as hell, Jake Reynolds returns home to discover a real life Goldilocks in his own bed. He’s got just the solution to take care of Harlee’s needs. Overly made up, polyester clad Harlee Davis had no idea as to who’s bed she was in. Running away from a nasty breakup, a ruined career and a cruel world, she sought refuge from the storm, and found more than just shelter.

When Harlee learns of Jake’s plans to demolish the camp she’s been entrusted with, she wages a crusade to stop this. A lot is riding on this for Jake, as he and his family stands to lose everything. Will the two stop battling long enough to realize that the only thing worth fighting for at this point, is their love?

“Quirky characters. Love and passion. Great plot. Great writing. Elements of a good book.” —5 Flags, Aya29 (Euro-Reviews)

I also have new reviews at Book Cover Reviews:

The Dance

Is Mariah Baker really all that frigid like her ex-fiancé makes her out to be? She certainly does not think so, what else has the scumbag called her. Not that she cares what he has to say, she’s moving on with her life. Let’s see if she can discover her hidden wild side. She noticed a sexy Puerto Rican move in next door and she decides he’d make the perfect man for her plan. But little does she know he’s what she thinks he is. Although, Rico finds Mariah very attractive and causes his heart to dance when he discovers that she can train horses to dance. He also decides that she is the perfect person to keep his mind off his troublesome family that seems to want too much from him. Do you think the magic of the San Juan Islands can keep their fling from disappearing? Find out for yourself in Jami Davenport’s ‘The Dance’, Book 1 in her San Juan Islands series, and available now from Siren Publishing.

“Definitely a sizzling read from beginning to end, Jami delivers pure sexiness from San Juan.”– Mark (Book Cover Reviews)

Who’s Been Sleeping in My Bed?

Jake Reynolds returns home from a long days work and discovers a beautiful blonde sleeping in his bed. Wondering how she ended up there and why she’s there to begin with he decides to investigate. She tells him she didn’t know it was his bed and she was only escaping from 2 storms: one brought on by nature and one from her messed up life. He then decides to hire her on as an assistant for his construction business and the next day, she gets right to cleaning up his office that looks as if it’s been hit by a tornado. But to his dismay, when his family discovers what kind of assistant he has hired, they begin to believe he might be going back to his bad boy ways even that is not what is going on. And when Harlee Davis finds out Jake plans to destroy the very camp that she swore to protect, she stops at nothing to put a halt to his plans. Can Harlee stop Jake’s plans before he puts them in action? Discover for yourself the exciting conclusion to Jami Davenport’s ‘Who’s Been Sleeping in My Bed’, book 2 in her San Juan Islands series and available now from Siren Publishing.

“Another captivating installment from Jami Davenport’s San Juan Islands series that will have you addicted until the climatic conclusion that will make you antsy for more.”– Mark (Book Cover Reviews)

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