Publishing with a Small Press

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About a month ago, I promised a series on publishing with a small press. Well, life got in my way, including a long bout with a nasty cold and two book deadlines. I turned in one book this weekend. The other is due on February 28. Once I’m done with that book, I promise I’ll continue this series.

Other news:
I’m now a member of Midnight Seductions Authors. Please join our Yahoo Group and check out our blog.
I’m attending Lori Foster’s Readers Conference in June in Cincinnati. I’d love to meet some of you there.
I’ll be on a romance author panel next week at the Tumwater Regional Library. Afterward I’ll be doing a book signing with the other panel members.
I’m very excited about The Gift Horse being released on February 17 from Bookstrand Publishing. This is my first mainstream equestrian romance.

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