Rainy Weather? Who Cares?

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My hubby and I are currently on a San Juan Islands vacation. It’s pretty much rained the entire time with the exception of a few sun breaks.
We don’t really care. In fact, while sun would’ve been a nice plus, we really didn’t expect it.

One of our favorite places to stay, Rosario Resort, re-opened recently, and we jumped at the chance to stay there again. Not to mention, the reasonably rates attracted us, too.
So here we are on our last full day here, unless we decide to spend one more day tomorrow. We’re playing that by ear. I’d like to share a few pictures with you of our trip.
This picture is of the rowing pond at Rosario. Robert Moran built it for his guests to enjoy about eight-plus years ago.
 We witnessed this sunset on our ferry trip over. I wish the colors would have come out better. They were much more vivid than this.
This is a view looking out at Cascade Bay from the Rosario Marina.
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