Romancing the Jock Debuts January 1st

Posted Dec 19 2012, 1:47 am

the Jock Blog Debuts on January 1st

In the first known collaboration of a group of romance authors who
write sports romance, the Romancing the Jock blog ( will
officially debut on January 1, 2013. A contest will be run in the month of
January for a bevy of prizes, including books, promotional items, and an

The authors participating in the blog include: Cassandra Carr, Chanta Rand,
Deirdre Martin, Emily Cale, Emma Lai, Jaci Burton,
Jami Davenport, Kelly Jamieson, Koko Brown, Lex Valentine, Liz Matis, Luann McLane, Lynn Shurr,
Mercy Celeste, Patricia Sargeant, Roz Lee, and Toni Aleo.

The authors come from all different facets of romance. Series romance
publishers, digital-first publishers, erotic genre, non-erotic genre, and write
such diverse sports as basketball, rodeo/bull riding, hockey, football, and
several others.

Regarding making the decision to be part of the new blog, bestselling author Jaci Burton said, “I think there’s plenty of room for
growth in the sports romance market. First, because I think sports romances are
very popular. Look at all the authors writing them, and doing it successfully,
who have done it successfully for so long. Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Deirdre
Martin, and Erin McCarthy have written some of my favorite sports romances and
paved the way for me to believe I could do it, too. Second, I firmly believe a
lot more women love sports than many people think. And of course we know women
love romance. Put sports and romance together? Boom!”

“These “niche” romances appeal to a broader spectrum than I
first realized, judging from the comments I’ve received from readers of my
sports romances. Other authors have heard the same remarks. The time was ripe
for a blog that catered to those readers,” co-creator of the blog, author
Jami Davenport remarked.

Some ideas for blog posts will be sports romance of the week; favorite
athletes/hottest athletes; themed months on particular topics, such as player
safety; tailgating recipes; personal experiences as a fan; specific information
about a sport, such as football basics; and anything else related to sports.

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