A Technology-Free Weekend

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I spent the entire weekend at a horse show. I’m the type of person who is married to my cell phone and laptop so, of course, I brought them along.

Here’s the amazing part. I didn’t use either of them once in three days and never missed them.

Guess what I did? I socialized with real people and horses. No My Space, no Facebook, no email, no blogging. Just me, my horse, my husband, and good friends.

I had a lousy show, but I had a good time. As I was driving home, camper on the back of my truck, horse trailer in tow with my 1500-pound horse tucked inside, I resisted the urge to pick up that cell phone. Instead, I reflected on the weekend, and how I managed to go technology-free. Not an easy feat for a technology obsessed person.

Our society has become so attached to our techno-stuff, that I wonder if we’re heading down the wrong path and losing touch with the important things in life, the simple things, like the sound of a horse munching on hay in the early morning or conversation with good friends or the evening sunset. Technology is a poor replacement for the good things in life, the simple things.

Tonight try turning off that laptop and cell phone and sit on the porch with people important to you and watch a sunset. You might be surprised how much you’ve been missing and how much you truly enjoy it.

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