The Steelheads Series

Posted Jan 23 2020, 8:41 am

Years ago, I wrote and published several football romances in the Seattle Lumberjacks series. Due to contractual restrictions, I was unable to use the Lumberjacks as my series name when the rights to the books reverted to me. The Lumberjacks books are being rewritten and rolled into my Steelheads series with the subtitle of “The Originals” to differentiate them from the newer books in the series.


The books in this series were the books of my heart. It is with great pleasure that I am able to update and edit them as they revert to me from my publisher and re-release them as part of my Seattle Steelheads series.


The events in this story take place nine years prior to Blindsided.


The current true chronological order is:


2—Snap Decision


4—Draw Play (Spring 2020)

5—Hot Read (Summer 2020)

6—Comeback Route (Fall 2020)


The Steelheads several years later:


8—Game Changer

9—Fumble Recovery

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