The Call and What It Means

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Yesterday a very dear friend of mine got the call, actually since it was an email, I guess you could say THE Email. “The Call” is an offer to publish by a publisher, be it big or small press. She is now going to be a published author. I am so thrilled for her, you can’t imagine. You can check her out at:

Now we are both feverishly planning our first releases. There is so much promo that a new author has to do if they want to get their name out there. It’s not as easy as just sitting back and waiting for the book to be published. Rookie authors even with big publishers don’t get the promo opportunities. They need to create them on their own. Well, Allie and I were never ones to sit around and wait for life to pass us by. We are social creatures and like to be in the middle of everything. We’re also both in IT, and believe me, that takes a certain personality.

No, we won’t make the NYT bestseller list, yet, but someday, I think you’ll see us both there. We’ll make it happen somehow.

So have a toast for Allie and me and wish us luck as we navigate the murky waters of book promotion and publishing!!!

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  1. Wendi says:

    Lifting my glass of bubbly to Allie! And hoping this is the beginning of a long successful writing career to both of you. (all of us.) 🙂

    Wendi Darlin