I’m always the last to catch on

Posted Nov 22 2007, 1:11 am in ,

For years, I’ve never understood the Nora phenomenon. I’ve never read beyond Chapter One of any of her books.

I spent most of last week at home sick with a cold, which has some advantages–you get to catch up on your reading. Once I went through all the suspense novels I had stockpiled, I tackled one of the JD Robb books that had been sitting on my shelves for a year or so.

OKAY, now I admit it. I am hooked. Now I get it. I bow to the master. Nora, you are incredible. I am madly in love with Roarke, and Eve is someone you can’t help but root for. Her characterization is wonderful. She conveys in a few words what the rest of us say in many.

So maybe it took me a while, but I’m now with the program and have joined the ranks of the multitudes of Nora fans.

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