It’s the Holidays

Posted Dec 21 2009, 2:46 pm in

Yes, it’s the holidays. I’m sure you’ve all noticed.

Last year, my husband and I spent the majority of the holidays alone. My sister had died suddenly a few months eariler, and she was the last of my immediate family. I wasn’t feeling much like celebrating anyway. Which was strange, as we’re very social people. We used to have a big Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner at our house for orphans, people like us who don’t have friends or family in the area. For some reason, no one was available last year for either days. We spent Thanksgiving at an inn in Port Townsend. We did go to Brandon’s for Christmas dinner, and it was wonderful.

This year I decided that we weren’t going to spend either holiday feeling sorry for ourselves. So we went to the San Juans for Thanksgiving. We’re having a big party on Christmas eve at our house. It started out as a small get together and has been growing. I’ve been surprised at the number of people available on Christmas eve. A good friend is bringing his Karaoke machine, and we’ll be singing Christmas carols. Christmas day we’ll spend with good friends and family.

For New Years, we rented a house on the ocean. My stepson is joining us along with a few other people. Should be fun.

So we’re looking forward having a great time and seeing people we haven’t seen in a while. Friend me on Facebook if you’d like to see pictures and know details about our upcoming weekend.



2 responses to “It’s the Holidays”

  1. Your post touched me as this holiday season I have been struggling with enjoying it. Our gathering has dwindled to a rather small one and I feel it's treated more like an obligation than a joy and that bothers me.
    I have 2 children (4 and 12) and I want them to have wonderful family memories of the holidays and I don't know if I am giving them that.
    Thanks for giving me some ideas of how to make the holidays what I want them to be.

  2. Stumbling,

    I hope you had a good Christmas. Mine actually ended up pretty good, and I'm glad that my post helped you somewhat.