July Girls

Posted Jan 19 2008, 8:13 am in ,

Tonight I’m sitting in a hotel room in Ellensburg, WA, and it’s after midnight. Hubby and I are on our way to Idaho to see his daughter. We checked out the local bar for one drink and Karaoke. Not one person could sing a note on tune. It was pretty painful, so we executed a quick depart.

I’m all excited because a friend and Olympia chaptermate of mine, Kate Davies, just sold to Siren. She will be a July Girl along with Wendi (Darlin) and me. Wendi just got her cover on the Siren site. I am anxiously awaiting mine. I did get my story blurb posted recently, which it REALLY cool. This is so fun to be going through all this for the first time, especially when it’s a good experience with a great publisher. That makes it twice the fun.

So I’m wondering if we should be July Girls or Summer Girls or what?

I need to get The Gift Horse done. GH is the best one I’ve done to date. I’d like to market it to the equestrian community and romance community.



2 responses to “July Girls”

  1. Wendi says:

    Ok, Jami, I can’t believe this, but I’m about to admit to something I don’t admit! I’m a closet fan of LFO – the boy band from a few years back! They have a song called “Summer Girls,” and this post immediately made me think of it.

    Now, of course, I have to try and justify my taste in music. LFO just makes me smile. Their lyrics are so funny, I can’t listen to them without singing along and grinning from ear to ear. And I can promise you I sound worse than any of those Karaoke singers you heard last night. 😀

    Congratulations to Kate. And you’re so right about Siren. They are fabulous!

    Wendi Darlin

  2. Kate Davies says:

    See, I immediately thought of the old Don Henley song “Boys of Summer” — we can be the Girls Of Summer! LOL

    Thanks for the congrats, Wendi. I’m so thrilled to be working with Siren now!