Reviews for Fourth and Goal

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Wendi, The Super Librarian–B+ and Recommended Read

“I really enjoyed this story… I got sucked into this book. I mean, hook line and sinker sucked in. I was deeply invested in these characters. Not just Derek and Rachel, but all of them. Even Derek’s asshole cousin, Tyler, who cannot string a sentence together without dropping the F-bomb half a dozen times. Hooked folks, I’m positively hooked.”– Wendy, The Super Librarian

Night Owl Romance–4.75 Stars and Top Pick

“I am thoroughly impressed with Ms. Davenport’s ability to instill escapism in her story. For the duration, I was consumed with her tale of two friends to lovers intertwined with football.” Yadira, Night Owl Reviews

Jane at Dear Author and via Goodreads

“”Fourth and Goal displayed a deep and comfortable knowledge of football but strangely enough it wasn’t the on field shenanigans that I enjoyed the most, but the off the field relationships that the characters developed. …I was captivated…”

Blackraven’s Reviews–4.5 Ravens

“Romance so real that you feel you are there will keep you wanting more as you fall in love with Derek and Rachel. You will laugh and cry with them as you find yourself entrapped in an amazing story of love and life.”–Trixie, Blackravens Reviews


Manic Readers–4.5

“A good beach or airplane read and you don’t have to know a lot about football to enjoy the story.“– Alberta, Manic Readers



2 responses to “Reviews for Fourth and Goal”

  1. Laurie Ryan says:

    Great reviews, Jami. All well deserved. Fourth and Goal is a hot book with strong characterization and a great story.

  2. Theresa Scott says:

    Glad they can all see your talent and hard work coming together, Jami!