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Romance writers are some of the most generous people I’ve ever met. I wonder if writers in other genres are as helpful to newbies and wannabes as published romance writers.

Washington state seems to have more than its share of romance writers. My theory is that all this rain is conducive to writing. What else are you going to do for 8 months out of the year while waiting for the sun to poke through those clouds?

Some of the local published authors that I am grateful to are:

When I first joined my local RWA chapter, I met Lucy Monroe. She was the chapter president. Her first book was coming out in a few months. Lucy has always been special to me as has her rare talent for weaving a story that you can’t put down. No matter how busy she is, she always has time for a word of encouragement or to answer a question. Her common sense advice is invaluable.

Suzanne Macpherson has become a good friend. She volunteers to read my stuff, always has a response for my stupid questions, and a word of congratulations or sympathy. If you want a good laugh be sure to check out her romantic comedies from Avon.

Cherry Adair always finds time for fellow writers. I’ve attended numerous workshops and parties that she’s hosted for local authors at her beautiful home. Cherry is always entertaining, positive, and a hoot and a half. If she ever gives up writing, she needs to try her hand as a stand-up comedian.

Theresa Scott has endured my phone calls, helped me with plotting, and administered her always practical and logical advice.

Also in my local RWA chapter, Adrianna Dane and Kate Davies have endured my endless questions about epubs. There are so many more, that I know if I tried to list them all, I would definitely forget someone so I’ll stop here.

To my fellow romance writers, I hope I can be as generous as you have been when my time comes to offer advice and answer questions.

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  1. Wendi says:

    I agree, Jami. Romance writers as a whole are beyond generous. The writers in this industry are kind and welcoming. I’m glad you have an active community. We have a really good one over here on the east coast too! 😀