Time–A Four-Letter Word

Posted Feb 17 2008, 12:22 am in


Now there’s a 4-letter word and something I wish I had more of. Unfortunately, there is nothing in my life that I want to give up in order to buy time for other things. So this is my life: I work full-time (sometimes more than that). I ride and show my horse in dressage. I am a writer. Lately, I am spending more time on promotion than I am on writing.

I need to write more and spend less time on the Internet. So what am I doing here? Good question. Other than rambling off some meaningless stuff that I hope a few people read. I have committed myself to posting here at least once a week. I’d like to post more. The problem is that 4-letter word again.


So I’m trying to come up with time-savers, but truthfully I’m doing a better job at time waster. The number one time waster of all? Wanna guess? The Internet.

I’ve cut myself back to just a few loops, My Space, and my personal email. Even so, I can still waste several hours a day.

What are your bigggest time wasters and time savers?



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  1. Wendi says:

    Jami, I’m with you! The internet eats up way more of my time than I should allow. I’ve had to significantly cut back on my yahoo loops. It’s amazing how much time it takes to go through all those emails.

    I haven’t come up with very many effective time savers. But this weekend I decided to MAKE time. I made more time for my family than I have in the last couple of months. And I plan to make a habit of that. I don’t want to become someone who creates stories for the world to read, but who doesn’t take enough time to participate in the lives of the people I love. 🙂

    Hope you find all the time you need.

    Wendi Darlin

  2. WOW! I had no idea you were into showing horses. I used to show American Saddlebreds. That’s been centuries ago!!!! Well, maybe just a decade.

    I love this blog post. Time is a four-letter word around our house more often than not!



  3. Anonymous says:

    time? TIME?!!!!! since when is swearing legal on the internet!!!!! i say curses you fool! anyway, I say I5 is the biggest waste of MY time, mayhap I should invest in some kind of dictation machine and start doing something besides thinking too much while I’m out there staring at taillights……..This is my first blog comment ever, I don’t know what HTML tags are, I wouldn’t know how to moderate a comment even if I had the desire to…..(please stop me if I show such a desire)….but You go girl…

  4. Anony,

    I-5? Now there’s a word worse than any 4-letter word I can think of unless we’re talking I405.